When you win, we win!

It's all about developing growth and efficiency in your organisation. Efficiency improvements in your workflow, process flow and day-to-day activities. Growth can be measured in extended reach or more familiarly, financial growth.

Growing your revenues and/or reducing your cost supported by a solid strategy helps your business succeed.

At Globetel Consulting Ltd., we help you "...Reach The Goal".


We are a UK based company with experts around the globe. So wherever you are, we have someone close by to engage with you.

Our consultants are trained telecommunications specialists spanning strategic planning, commercial and business development and engineering services.

We serve enterprise, carrier and start-up organisations. Our combined experience spans over 50 years in the industry - and that accounts for something!


We have experience in a broad range of telecommunications services.

We offer expertise in strategic planning, implementation and monitoring; Business Development, Engineering Services and Commercial negotiations. 

Our experience spans the Americas, Europe and Asia with varying Carrier and Enterprise based clients.

If we can be or services, contact us. We'll be happy to engage with you to grow your organisation.